Whacked Out

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Whacked Out, try something new in the breakout game style,  which stocks items during game play. This allows the player to use them at the best moments and mix different bonuses to create destructive combos! Not only is each level a rich and colourful world, it takes it far from a lot of the dark worlds common to most breakout games. There are no star or star shaped patterns to destroy which use all the same basic blocks, no! Whacked Out offers fifty levels each with an elaborated design that serves game play first.

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A « points chain system » offers a big amount of bonus points at the end of the level, and allows players to unlock special weapons that can be kept for higher levels. But use those special weapons sparingly because they will decrease your end level bonus.
The game experience evolves a lot, with new special blocks every five levels (such as magnetic pieces, turrets, teleportation…) and levels designed on the following…



In aim to avoid the annoying last block hunt, there are two ways to the next level; destroy the golden block, or all the one-eyed blocks. Players will go through fifty levels combining a rich and colourful designed to enjoy, until the final boss battle. Whacked Out offers selection and action packed adventure! It is aimed at those who long for the return of a classic breakout game, while offering edge of your seat game play for the youngsters new to this wonderful game thanks to its flexible items system.

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